Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2018 Saint Louis Visionary Awards.  
You are keeping the vibrant arts culture in St. Louis strong. 

Check out the 2018 honorees page to see who we'll be honoring in April!

We look forward to celebrating with you on Monday, April 23 at the Sun Theater.

Nomination Categories:

Outstanding Working Artist: presented to a woman currently working and achieving great accomplishments in the arts. She has earned significant acclaim over an extended period of time and consistently displays excellence in the practice of her art form, enriching artistic expression and unique style.

Emerging Artist: presented to an up-and-coming artist who has demonstrated her talent and a strong commitment to building her career in the arts. 

Community Impact Artist: presented to a woman who uses the arts to create awareness about community issues and through her work promotes dialogue, breaks down barriers and sparks change.

Outstanding Arts Professional: presented to a woman who has dedicated her professional career to fostering creativity and encouraging ongoing participation in the arts. She raises the profile of her organization by causing a widespread impact on the St. Louis arts community.

Outstanding Teaching Artist: presented to a woman dedicated to providing artistic instruction to a range of students, as both a profession and lifestyle. She has made a strong impact on the individuals and community she has fostered through her role as an educator. 

Major Contributor to the Arts: presented to a woman who has been a strong supporter of the arts through serving on boards, donating, raising funds. 

Outstanding Arts Volunteer: presented to a woman who has made a significant impact on one or more arts organizations, through volunteering their time, talent, and actions.

Lifetime Achievement Award: presented to a woman who has had a long and distinguished career in the arts and has made a lasting impact in their field.