Sally S. Levy

Major Contributor to the Arts






Thanks to her vision and generosity, Sally Levy has made a critical impact on Opera Theatre Saint Louis (OTSL).  With her support, OTSL opened the Sally S. Levy Opera Center, providing space for administrative, rehearsal and community outreach needs. She and her family later created a fund to endow master classes with distinguished artists who cultivate young people in the field. Most recently, she established the Sally S. Levy Family Fund for New Works, allowing the organization to produce contemporary operas that will shape the future of opera for 21st century audiences.  Sally has been honored with the National Trustee Opera Recognition Award from OPERA America and the Excellence in Philanthropy Arts Awards from the Arts and Education Council.


Shirley Bradley Leflore

Outstanding Working Artist





Shirley Bradley LeFlore is an internationally recognized poet, playwright, author, performance artist and educator who also has been a trailblazer in community arts, especially as a member of the Black Arts Group of St. Louis.  During a career that has spanned five decades, she has performed for audiences throughout the world and her work has been published to critical acclaim in numerous books, anthologies and magazines. Shirley is equally recognized for her vision as a creative collaborator with dancers and visual artists and is known for blending the vocal texture of her poetry with music giants from jazz, blues, gospel and classical music.


Nancy Bell

Outstanding Arts Professional






Nancy Bell, the playwright in residence for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, tells stories about our neighborhoods through the eyes of the bard.  As author of “Shakespeare in the Street,” Nancy has conversations with residents, business leaders and artists from a single neighborhood.  Based on themes that emerge, she adapts one of Shakespeare’s plays to be performed in that neighborhood by a mix of professional actors and community members. In 2013 she was awarded the St. Louis Theatre Circle Award for Outstanding New Play for this program.  Nancy also wrote “Tales of Shakespeare” for children and families which was performed at Powell Hall in partnership with the Saint Louis Symphony.  An accomplished actor with credits on national television shows and theatrical performances throughout the country, Nancy also is an assistant professor of theatre at Saint Louis University. 


Kat Simone Reynolds

Emerging Artist






Kat Simone Reynolds shows relentless dedication as a photographer who leads her audiences into unexpected spaces in order to challenge perceptions.  Her work has been described as conceptual storytelling through portrait and architectural photography.  Adept at capturing her subjects’ emotional states, Kat creates an intimacy even from a distance. Themes in her work cover a broad range, including everything from black female depression to the superwoman complex.  Her photographs have been shown at fort gondo, Beverly, Museum Blue and have been featured in Alive Magazine and various blogs.


Vivian Anderson Watt

Outstanding Teaching Artist






As a dance teacher at Better Family Life and choreographer for Gitana, Inc., for the past 43 years, Vivian Anderson Watt has trained more than 50,000 at-risk and underserved young people.  Her dynamic talent is matched by an unimpeachable belief that through the discipline and teamwork required in dance, all students can flourish, no matter what their backgrounds.  Vivian is proud to have trained many successful dancers and dance teachers including a protégé who performed with Beyoncé and on the television show Empire.  Her students have performed regionally in cross-cultural collaborations and in shows at the MUNY, the Contemporary Art Museum, Powell Hall and the St. Louis International Salsa Congress.


Regina Martinez

Community Impact Artist






Regina Martinez is dedicated to changing St. Louis one art initiative at a time. With a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism and a master’s degree in social work, Regina is passionate about creative process and collaborative relationships.   She is interested in cultivating relationships that encourage us to take risks and enhance opportunity.  For five years, she served as Artistic Director of the Pink House, a neighborhood arts space in Pagedale, organizing creative exchanges designed to support a cohesive community.  Regina is a graduate of the Community Arts Training Institute and the Institute’s Graduate Education and Research programs through the Regional Arts Commission.  She is co-founder of the clothesline, a monthly installation where artists intersect to transform a space for one night only.  She is also a part of Yeyo Arts Collective, dedicated to the creative empowerment of women and their families.