Phoebe Dent Weil
Major Contributor to the Arts

Phoebe's commitment to the Arts is varied and deep. She gives of her talent, her expertise and her personal resources to impact the Cultural life of St. Louis. Phoebe is passionate and knowledgeable and is always forward looking in her advocacy of the Arts. She is a patron to many artists and arts organizations. Phoebe, for example has underwritten new Commissioned works for Opera Theatre of St. Louis. 

Denise Thimes
Outstanding Working Artist

Denise Thimes- Small.jpg

Denise Thimes is the heart and soul and voice of St. Louis. She is the regions premier jazz vocalist. Denise has performed for the Queen of England and the President of the United States. She has appeared with such luminaries as Clark Terry, James Moody, and many others. More significantly, she has performed at many benefits for non-profits lending her voice to help raise awareness and money for local causes. Denise performs at her own benefit to cure pancreatic cancer each year at the Sheldon. Not only is her voice magnificent but she is a Community treasure. She is often referred to as our "jazz diva".

Priscilla Block, Executive Director of St. Louis ArtWorks
Outstanding Arts Professional

Priscilla Block- Small.jpg

Priscilla has been Executive Director of ArtWorks for over 14 years. She has grown the organization to a capacity now serving over 200 teens annually. Through unique apprenticeship opportunities in visual, literary and the performing arts, under resourced teens have learned life skills which will lead them to success in the Arts and more. Priscilla has achieved this through creative programming and partnerships. This year will see ArtWorks in their very own building thanks to Priscilla's determination and dedication. 

Sabina England
Emerging Artist

Sabina England- Small.jpg

Sabina is a young and emerging artist who has transcended adversity through her art. Her hands tell you her story through the condition of being deaf. Not only is she a voice for the deaf, she is a voice for everyone who cares about the conditions of the World. Sabina finds the Arts as a way to build bridges and reduce barriers. Sabina uses her "difference" to create understanding between her "world" and the hearing world and uses film to tell her stories.

Stacy West, Executive and Artistic Director of MADCO
Outstanding Teaching Artist

Stacy West- Small.jpg

Stacy started as a dancer with MADCO (Modern American Dance Company) and at 27 was thrust into the role of Artistic Director of the Company. Stacy turned MADCO around and today it is our premier modern dance company and a force in our Arts Community. In 2007, Stacy launched MADCO's Books in Motion dance residency which encourages reading and literacy in young people while instilling a love for dance at the same time. Stacy now tours the Company around the Country. Stacy values diversity and inclusion, and it shows. 

De Andrea Nichols
Community Impact Artist

De Nichols- Small.jpg

De Nichols is a social entrepreneur who uses the medium of art and design to motivate and engage the community. As an artist activist, De uses her art to challenge our region to create a more welcoming environment by fostering inclusion and diversity through design and the arts. De knows implicitly that tapping individual creativity can ignite sparks  for personal and social change. She has created "FoodSpark" (to name only one of her programs) where De brings the community together through food and deep conversations. De was (and is) a powerful voice of the young artists movement developed as a response to Ferguson.